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green consum■ption and green l○ife. That's why th◆e 66-year-old● Shanghainese, a ◆frequent blogger,◆ recently decide○d to add a new ●gadget to hi■s daily life■: a Hisense high-de○finition TV."This is● much more than a r〓egular television.● Every channe●l is so clear, 〓and it can act as a ■computer m●onitor. More impo〓rtantly, I will b○e able to watc○h the Olympic Games 〓with a higher-qual〓ity TV in Aug○ust," Wei wrote in h〓is personal blog at 〓 t●he Beijing Games○ approaches,○ more HD TVs are〓 being sold■ in China com◆pared with previ〓ous years."Our sales◆ of HD TVs h■ave gone up 30 perc○ent from a m

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ing in ○Pudong.In the r■un-up to the Gam●es, HD TV is turning〓 out to be one of th■e hottest items ■in Shanghai's ma■jor appliance ou■tlets. Acc■ording to Linda Jin■, with market〓 research ■organization GfK C●hina, weekly■ sales of HD TVs hav●e jumped 1●0 percent in July fr〓om t

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wo mon○ths ago in Shangha〓i.Yongle, ano●ther major home app〓liance retailer◆, registered a 268● percent sales ●increase of HD TVs● in Shangha■i this yea●r from 2007. Among● the best-sellin●g products●, HD TVs size○d between 40 inch■es and 46 inches◆ are the s○tar performers.Anot■her recent s■urvey conduct●ed by Shangha●i Commercial 〓Trade A


ssociation◆ of Household E◆lectric & Elec◆tronic Appli●ances shows○ 36.6 percent○ of the respond■ents say they ■will update their○ television to HD s●oon."Traditio◆nally, June an○d July are the low ●season for ◆television sal○es, but this yea●r we haven◆'t seen any s◆ales decline. The G●ames has been● driving HD TV sale○s over the past ?/p>

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ew months,"〓 said Jiang Wei, a ●salesman with domes〓tic brand Changhong● at Suning.Cur●rently, there ■are three H◆D channels in Sha●nghai: CHC (H〓D movie cha●nnel), Xinsh●ijue HD and CCT●V-HD. During the○ Olympic Games, ◆CCTV-HD will become〓 an HD Olympic● channel with li●ve broadcasts of t■he events. After t●he

Games, th●e channel will turn ●into a news c○h

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Ra●y Tube (CRT), 〓Liquid Crystal D■isplay (LCD) ○and Plasma T

V. T〓he traditional CRT ●takes up more than ◆70 percent〓 of the mar◆ket share."M●ore than 90 p■ercent of the LCD a〓nd Plasma TVs in th〓e market are■ HD," Ye sai●d.In stark contrast ◆to the hot sale○s of HD TVs, s■ales of the CRT v●ariety are on● the wane. E●xperts pred■ict CRT TVs will be 〓gradually pha●sed out.By the○ end of 2007, more○ than 300,000 househ◆olds in Shanghai◆ had installe○d digital ○cable TV equ◆ipment. If ◆only a fraction〓 of these famili〓es decide to g■o HD, it will mea●n huge gains fo○r HD manufacture■rs.The gro〓wing popularity o●f HD TV is n〓ot restricte●d to Shanghai. ■In the first ha◆lf of this year, HD ◆TV sales acr〓oss China rose ●remarkably.Be■sides investme◆nt, another boost● for the e■conomy has bee

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